Complementary Architecture and Landscape Design of Honghu Sewage Treatment Plant

Project Location: Luohu District, Shenzhen         Building Area: 32400sqm    

Design Period: 2018.01-2019.03       Status:  Under construction        Category:  Landscape

Honghu Park in the central Luohu District is one of the most important urban parks in Shenzhen. The 3.24 ha site is at the northernmost end of the park. We intend to revitalize the underground water plant facilities and restore the surface landscape to integrate with public education. After renovation, the site will be a science-themed ecological landscape area at and below the grade level.

The 13 air shafts of large, medium and small sizes protruding out of the underground water purification station pose the major challenge in design, while how to make them part of the site landscaping is crucial. In this regards, we emphasize massing of these structures without compromising visual transparency. The highest air shaft is combined with the lotus theme of the park into a large landscape and public art installation, and together with other accessible viewing air shafts, creates a bond between water infrastructure and people.

The restored surface landscape emphasizes people’s experience on site. The south lake shoreline is optimized and moved backward to provide more waterfront areas. Meanwhile, the waterfront decks and the viewing air shafts enhance the waterfront pedestrian and sightseeing experience. The north public exhibition area in the underground building also enhance the public accessibility of the water infrastructure, while a dynamic visual experience is offered along the ups and downs of the north-south running slow traffic system.