Pingshan Terrace: Pingshan River Nanbu Sewage Plant - public infrastructure

Project Location: Pingshan District, Shenzhen              Building Area: underground sewage       plant: 10200 m2, office: 1570 m2, terrace: 830 m2   

Design Period: 2017.12-2018.10       Status:  Completed        Category:Water Infrastructure, public facility

The Superstructure of Nanbu Water Purification Station is located in Yanzihu Area, Pingshan District, Shenzhen, by the midstream of Pingshan River. Facing the International Convention Center diagonally across the river, the Project is planned with large artificial lake and wetland park in the perimeter. As per the upper level planning and design, Yanzihu Area will be a new city parlor in the east of Shenzhen or even the Guangdong - Hong Kong – Macao Greater Bay Area.

The comprehensive improvement plan of Pingshan River basin requires an underground water purification plant of 5,100 m² and supporting office space of 1,200 m² on the ground of Nanbu plot. The design continues our philosophy on urban infrastructures – how to interact with urban infrastructures and weave them into public life.

In addition to space for water purification and office, there is also experience space open to the public. First, a footpath running through the building until the roof of the office space is provided to link the ground floor waterscape square and peripheral green spaces. Then, a large terrace in steel structure is provided above the roof of office space to echo with the lake and surrounding landscapes and create a public venue for view and leisure. The terrace pieced up by folded surfaces at different dimensions is interwoven with the office roof space, enabling rich and meaningful architectural experience space. 

This public experience space, while allowing citizens to stay and observe, has an independent system of pedestrian circulation to avoid disturbing the daily operation and management of the water purification plant.

The ventilation shaft for water purification is 15 m higher than the building. Spiral staircase is provided to incorporate the shaft into the roof system and make it the peak of the Project.