Yuanling Community Park

Project Location: Futian District,Shenzhen                                 Building Area: 5600sqm    

Design Period: 2016.12-2017.07            Status: Completed          Category: Landscape

Yuanling Community Park is located in Hongli Community, Futian District, Shenzhen, with kindergarten, primary school and large numbers of residential districts nearby. Functionally it is intended to provide activity spaces for the elderly and playground for children after school. Much care is also given to well protect the existing arbors on site.

As the site is enclosed by swimming pool, tennis courts, community workstation etc. into an irregular shape, the site plan is organized with the formal language of circles. In view of the site boundaries and functions, five circles of varied sizes define the spaces for different activities.

Besides, a children's playground is also designed in the center of the park. Different from typical common spaces for children's activities, this area is specially designed with slides and rope net around the three existing lush banyan trees to create a space where children can run freely among the trees.