Nansha Fok Ying Tung Memorial Landscape Design

Project LocationFoot of Mt. Dajiao, Nansha District, Guangzhou

Design Period2011.02      Status: Built       Category: Cultural and Educational

Several landscape attractions are created by integrating landforms and spaces. 

Located at the foot of Mt. Dajiao, Nansha District, Guangzhou ,they include the open central lawn that symbolizes the large stage where Dr. Fok had spent his life, the loop-line footpath for leisure walks that shows the milestones of his life, the backyard that indicates the modest and friendly characters of Dr. Fok, the waterfall feature that resembles his charitable undertaking, the lawn square that implies the big heart and the exit courtyard that reminds people of his love for China and Hong Kong. Construction materials mainly include blue bricks that are laid in different forms and granites of different surface treatments. Ever green plants native to South China are selected for the Memorial.
The Fok Ying Tung Memorial embodies the respectable traits, openness, generosity and modesty, of Dr. Fok to the public with its natural landscape. Carefully designed details of the landscape are the expressions of our respect and mourning for Dr. Fok.