Urban Design of Zibeiling, Wencheng Town, Wenchang, Hainan

Project LocationWenchang Hainan  Design Period 2010   Category: Urban design

It protects the original cultural ecology of the historical area of Zibeiling in Wencheng Town and brings new vitality and contents to the historical area.

The urban renewal project of Wencheng Town, Wenchang City, Hainan Province is based on Regulatory Detailed Planning of West Wencheng Area of Wenchang City and Zibeiling Redevelopment Planning of Wencheng City. With full respect to the history of the old city, the design borrows experience from excellent similar cases from abroad and adopts an urban redevelopment strategy of mixture of old and new architecture by restoring historical areas, integrating public open space resources, intensifying existing functions and building density in selected areas and constructing new areas with appropriate proportion.