New Shenzhen Train Station Junction Property

Project Location:Longhua, Baoan District, Shenzhen   Building Area:279,932 sqm

Design Period:Jul. 2008        Status: Competition       Category: urban design

The architecture concept of slicing the site into pieces is triggered off by the speed and motion, while the evolution of slicing generates architecture and landscape in different forms. The design, based on slicing concept, gives rise to a movable carpet landscape according to different functions and activities, thus creates the linear spaces with efficiency.

The concept of slicing the site would bestow the architecture a free, light and integrated form and is in line with the dynamic and distinctive features of the architecture of New Shenzhen Station which stands in the center of the compound. The architecture spaces in different areas need to be in harmony with the main building of New Shenzhen Station and hence the materials adopted ensure a modern silver tone, which is in line with the Station.