The Health Center of Nansha Grand Hotel

Project Location:South wing, Nansha Puzhou Hotel, Nansha, Guangzhou
      Floor Area:1,730 sqm              Building Area:2,888 sqm 
      Design Period:2005—2007 architecture;2007 interior   
      Status: Built                               Category: Healthy and Tourism 

      The starting points of the whole design are the relationships between the Project and the main building of Nansha Grand Hotel, and with the hilly landscape and river view. 

       A group of independent, curved lines is a logical extension of the existing main building. A line of multiple cores is simply a rebellion against the single core. It brings views into the building from various angles and naturally introduces the panoramic view of Pearl River and Humen Bridge.
       The project takes five years from design to completion. we’ve been engaged in the whole design process from planning, landscaping, architectural design to lighting, furniture and FF&E design. This whole process allows us to experience different stages of design, different design contents, different design scales and how different design techniques can be utilized to deliver a complete design.