A Folded House - An Artist Studio, Nanjing

Project LocationNanjing, China       Floor Area3125 sqm        Building Area435 sqm

Design Period2003—2010              Status: Built                      Category: Experimental

A narrow long piece of 2-D paper rolls down the hill, folds up and forms a 4-D house.

The design started originally from a dialogue between an artist and an architect.

Artist (Song Dong): the writing of an ambiguous house: the virtual user “the ambiguous invites 11 people in art circle to participate in this architectural interaction. They all have different understandings and imaginations towards this house. the ambiguous collectives these materials and brings them to the architect.

Architect (Doreen Liu): the mountains and waters here are out of reach with vague ambigurity. The imaginary house should be a four-dimensional space folded with a long two-dimensional paper, winding along the mountain trails into the water; and hence maintains and water develop an ambiguous and yet clear relationship within reach.

It is even more ambiguous to derive ambiguity from clarity. Thinking about a house “built with words and built by an architect, it must have an interesting difference……